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    The year is the annual National Day on October 1, the birthday of our great motherland. Along with ups and downs, it's been 70 years of our mothers, this day, this nation will celebrate the festival at the venue. Early in the morning, we go to school, at school, some students out of bulletin boards and painting; Some do greeting cards, open class meetings with a special theme; Others through diaries, poems and other forms expressed her love for the motherland. National Day holiday, the students have to stay at home with Mom and Dad together, the cruise sites, the great cultural experience. Shop at the door with balloons and colorful flags, red, yellow and green : : permeated with an atmosphere of jubilation. Everybody inside, in the original discount, launched a series of promotional activities. Street sea, but also rank long car buying service, the fight must wait long periods. Scenic visitors like long, countless men, women and children in which to do that people have been taking advantage of the festive play out. Almost no empty parking places, restaurants, hotels, the revenue will be substantial.

  Distant uncle, made a phone call to tell us that the Beijing National hot topic. I would like to go to Beijing to see Tiananmen Square, we see the face of great capital, and uncle, I have arranged to get together with the Beijing next summer.

  National Day is a happy holiday, really raising people's living standards rapidly. In her mother's embrace of the motherland, happiness to grow and wish the motherland mother always beautiful, always prosperous and wish the motherland has become more prosperous and developed.







  With the coming of National Day, I have a one week holiday. I really expect to it, because I want to have a short trip during these days. I will travel to JiuzhaiValley with my parents for three days. I have heard that the scenery of JiuzhaiValley is very beautiful in autumn and it’s the best time to travel there. Autumn is my most favorite season so I want to enjoy the beauty of such a wonderful place. I do some preparations for this trip. For example, I search the Internet to see the travel raiders and I have known where the most attracting place is and where to live in. I am sure it will be a wonderful journey. There are only several days for the coming trip, but I have been too excited to wait.



  National Day is our country's mother's birthday. On this day, we all Chinese people are happy. On this day, we should live in harmony with the people of our country in order to repay the kindness we have in our country.

  On this day, the whole nation has a holiday. Although some people are too busy to work for the motherland's mother to celebrate, but I still believe that they are in different places, in their hearts, is still a deep love of the motherland. They will also be in the hearts of the hearts of the love of the motherland.

  A lot of people are wondering: Why study hard? I can definitely tell them that the students have to study hard to repay our country. Mother of the motherland for our selfless dedication, we should not return her?

  National Day, people will hold a lot of parties. Most of the party is the great motherland, the mother of the title, which is also the contribution of the people who write the arts to china!

  Although there is no mid autumn festival. Spring Festival is so popular, but it also said we are all the children of the Yellow Emperor patriotism.

  Look at the mother of the motherland prosperity, people live and work in peace Chinese!








  It is the duty of every citizen to make the country rich and powerful (To make the country rich and strong is...).In order to accomplish this object one must be patriotic (love his country).I consider this an unchangeable truth.

  How can a student love his country (be patriotic)?I find my answer very simple and clear.He must study hard and store up knowledge so as to serve his (the) country in the future.If every student can do according to what I said, the country will certainly be rich and powerful.




  This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China! On October 1st, our whole family sit by the TV and waiting to watch early time big parade.

  At ten o 'clock, the National Day military parade formally started, only saw many soldiers standing in front of tian anmen, navy, air force, army... Stand straight, straight, like hits the forceful pine, President hu's review. The parade shows the motherland strong defense force, peaceful country and safe people, the motherland prosperity of beautiful landscape.

  During the National Day, grandpa and I went to play in the humble admin istrator's garden. The car on the road, I saw the window renmin bridge garlands made of flowers on both sides, in the sunshine more bright beautiful, make the atmosphere of the National Day more strong! Walk in the small street to the humble admini strator's garden, see stalls on both sides of the street with a red flag with five stars, to express the affection to the motherland. Many foreign visitors to see the beautiful scenery heartfelt held out a thumb. In the humble admini strator's garden is the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum can be more color, yellow, red, white, colorful, beautiful!

  The National Day make me deeper understanding of the motherland; A profound feelings for the motherland also; Make me more love my motherland China!









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